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Lucky – Adoption Pending

Lucky has gone on a trial adoption.  I don’t think they’ll be returning this boy if they can help it!!! Please check back in a week to see if he becomes available. 


Sweet Lucky has been recovering with our rescue fo010cr 2 months now. This shy boy from a rural community had been attacked by several dogs and needed emergency vetting. We flew him to the coast and started his long recovery with our wonderful vet. Lucky was such a patient boy through everything – he required surgery and mega doses of antibiotics – but he survived, and now his luck is changing.Luck injury

Other than a bit of a funny haircut from the wound care, Lucky is now as good as new! Lucky is 15 months old and 50 lbs. He is a Golden Retriever/Husky cross, and will need an active home. He’s one lucky boy and whoever adopts him will be one lucky home. Lucky has been neutered and is fully vaccinated, as well as completely recovered with all health concerns met.


Lucky is still learning about life as a dog should know it. Collars, leashes, and being picked up were all scary to him. At first, he would flatten himself on the floor and scream when just being approached with a leash. A ton of patience and trust building has fixed that, and he’s learning about the good things life offers. He’s very willing to please and wants affection, so he’s been accepting other new things without much fuss. He loves other dogs, but can be overwhelmed in group settings. In a large group he will tend to tense and growl for half a minute while he evaluates the situation – then he will either run away, or burst into play. Time and continued positive meetings are all he needs to start trusting larger groups.

We are looking for homes within the Lower Mainland and are unable to adopt outside of this area. Please tell us about yourself, and the homelife you can offer Lucky by completing an adoption application:

Adoption Application Form

We are foster home based without a physical shelter. We will contact you after receiving your application, and if you are a match for Lucky we will set up a meet and greet time. Lucky is located in the White Rock area.



Bart adoptd c

This little guy is patiently waiting for his forever home. He’s a happy-go-lucky guy that flew in from northern BC with his brothers and sisters. They’ve all found homes and now Bart wants one of his own.

He’ll probably be 50 – 60 pounds when fully grown. He’s a true Heinz 57 and we can only guess his breed which could be a mix of German Shepherd, Husky, pit bull, border collie.

He is with Big Heart Rescue and as we don’t have a facility you will have to apply for him in order to meet him.

You will find an application form at: Adoption Application Form



Four of our five pups are happy in their new homes. So many wonderful people applied it was hard to narrow it down to just four homes. Thank you to everyone.

IMG_1134c          photo FullSizeRender  IMG-20170219-WA0000

These northern beauties would like to find nice family homes

These northern beauties would like to find nice family homes. They are 9 weeks old and will be 50- 60 lbs when full grown. We can only guess at their breed by looking at the predominate breeds of other dogs in the area., which seem to be German Shepherd, Husky, pit bull, border collie and then there’s that naughty Shar Pei running around too. 😃

UPDATE:  OLLIE has had so many people wanting him that we are no longer taking applications for him.  Little OLIVIA has an Adoption Pending.  3 cheers for these two !

b and oThey’re sweet and quite calm puppies and all are living in homes with children and older dogs.

Grover and Olivia are the smallest so they might max out at 40-50lb, they are more reserved and shy than the others. They love to be held and cuddled but should go to a home with another dog to play and learn from.

Volt, Ollie and Bart are inquisitive and always first to explore the world around them. Quite fearless they will need a family that keeps them engaged and does lots of activities with them. They are sweet and cuddly as well and love people and children.

A completed application is required before meeting the puppies.

Adoption Application Form

Though we haven’t posted much this past year, we have been hard at work behind the scenes. Hopefully 2017 brings us a little more time to keep our followers updated. We will soon post a few of our highlights in the past year. And, some adorable puppies that are currently up for adoption. Thank you all for the support you have shown us.

Molly Adopted April 2013

standI received a call back in Feb. about an injured stray hanging out near the youth centre on one of the reserves we work with. Several local people went looking for her but she’d disappeared and we feared she’d been taken by the wolves. Several days later she was spotted again with leg wounds leading us to believe she’d been hit by a car. Many helpful people pulled together to care for her while arrangements were made to fly her down to Vancouver. As always Pacific Coastal went above and beyond to bring her to safety.

It was 10 days before she saw a vet, and while most of her scrapes and cuts were healing, the largest gash running along the inside of her hock was not and infection had set in. Once she’d completed a course of antibiotics along with limited exercise she was ready to be adopted.  It wasn’t long before we heard from Nicole and Jeff who were the perfect home for her.

Snyder found a home this year!

He was adopted by a family who loves big goofy dogs.  When they read he was a knucklehead they knew he was the dog for them!

One year old Snyder is a big bouncing boy who loves life, loves dogs, loves people and only wants to be with you. He wants to be with you so much that he'll bowl you over with enthusiasm and try to sit in your lap. He's an 85lb knucklehead that is learning not to jump up and hug you even though he gives lovely hugs.

One year old Snyder is a big bouncing boy who loves life, loves dogs, loves people and only wants to be with you. He wants to be with you so much that he’ll bowl you over with enthusiasm and try to sit in your lap. He’s an 85lb knucklehead that is learning not to jump up and hug you even though he gives lovely hugs.


Here comes Herman! Adopted

Herman adored his foster mama and the feeling was mutual, he’ll spend the rest of his life gazing at her with loving eyes.  We couldn’t be happier for them.

Herman is ready to roll! He’s fully recovered from his injuries (see his story below) and is ready for adoption.

Herman  loves almost everybody (no small kids please as he can be a little unpredictable at times) and would be a great pint-sized companion to anyone who wants a good cuddle followed by a brisk walk.  Urban cars are a new thing for Herman and he’s sometimes interested in chasing them but otherwise this feisty survivor is ready for almost anything. He even likes being picked up for a smooch by the right person!

Considering that Herman had the scare of his life a couple of months ago, his progress is truly amazing.  Think of what he can accomplish next when he finds his new family!  If that’s you,  please contact Big Heart at <bigheartrescue@gmail.com>  or fill out an Adoption Application. Herman hopes to hear from you soon.


Sookie: a Min Pin on a Mission! Adopted!

Sookie’s an island girl now!

Lovable Sookie is probably a Min Pin (Miniature Pinscher) who weighs only seven and a half pounds! She’s three years old, good with other dogs and has done well in her foster home with a small dog and a medium-sized one (you can see her foster brother snoozing quietly in the background).

When she came into Big Heart’s care a couple of months ago, Sookie was suffering from abandonment issues and had probably never seen a leash or eaten a good canine food in her life.

Thanks to the efforts of her current foster home, things have changed for the better! Beautiful Sookie has put on some weight and is feeling a lot less nervous and a lot more secure in herself.  She’s ready for either another foster home where her new people can help her to reach the next level of security, or maybe even her forever home with people who love the beauty, intelligence and energy of this breed and are home most of the time.

Sookie’s mission is to find her perfect person and she has their job description ready to go:

Must be patient (did we say patient? r-e-a-l-l-y patient) because Sookie missed the potty-training thing when she was stuck in the basement in her previous life.  Amazingly, she’s figured everything else out and is really good around the house otherwise.

Best of all, she LOVES her people (though she’s not good at young children).  But Sookie’s perfect person will have to be patient and good-humoured and consistent about reminding her  how the bathroom thing is supposed to be done.

After all, who could resist those wombat ears and that great smile?

If our wombat looks like the foster you’ve been waiting for or the Min Pin you’ve been hoping to adopt, please contact Big Heart at <bigheartrescue@gmail.com>  or fill out an Adoption Application.



Lovebug back in town! Adoption complete

Frankie hit it big second time and is living the good life with his adopter.

This handsome, easy-going kind of guy with great house manners and a wonderful smile was adopted by Big Heart several years ago.  Frankie’s person loved him dearly but, due to his own illness,  he is no longer able to care for  this great dog.  So Big Heart is happy to help Frankie again: he needs a foster or forever family as soon as possible.  Frankie loves walks and car rides and hanging with his special person. He’s medium-sized, around 6 years old and has all the advantages of being a well-socialized adult with great house manners.  Frankie gets along well with dogs big and small though he’s too interested in cats to live safely with them.

A refresher obedience course would be a great way for Frankie’s new family to bond with him as he loves people (and dogs) so much he wants to hug everybody.  Sadly, not everyone wants a big hug right away so Frankie needs to learn to sit first and then good things will happen.  In return for this big smile everyday, who wouldn’t want to teach Frankie to sit?

If this handsome happy guy looks like your kind of foster or forever buddy,  please fill in an Adoption Application or contact Big Heart at <bigheartrescue@gmail.com>.

Note: We adopt to residents living within a two hour driving distance of the Lower Mainland and Southern Vancouver Island. We cannot accept applications outside of Canada.



Herman’s Fresh Start


Herman has been adopted.
Once there was a dog named Herman who needed a fresh start in life.  His physical wounds were mostly healed but there was still a lot he needed to figure out.  Before he came to the city, Herman didn’t get much help to learn how to be what people call a dog. Of course, he was as cute and happy as a little white Pomeranian cross could be but he doesn’t remember getting much of that training thing and that’s what everybody cares about now that his stitches are out.
You see, Herman will probably never forget the big dogs who attacked him so little dogs are the only ones he trusts and that’s on a good day….  Kids kind of remind him of scary stuff too and he really needs to start over with someone who will do all the basics and help Herman get it all sorted out.
Herman is a feisty survivor and he figures he could do all this if his new person was at home a lot to keep him company and remind him of how it’s all supposed to work.  Slow and easy is what he needs and lots of  love is what Herman will give in return.

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