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Ruby was adopted into her loving family 4 years ago and has now started her new journey to be with those who await her at the Rainbow Bridge.

The entire Big Heart Rescue team sends Ruby’s family their heartfelt understanding and appreciation for the gift of love that was provided to this beautiful girl in the last years of her life.

Run free now Ruby, you are well.

Grandpa Wally

Our darling Grandpa Wally left us this morning while being held by his loving Mom and surrounded with love.

We were so blessed to have had Wally as part of our lives for the last 4 months and the joy he brought to us will be held in our hearts forever.

Fly free dear Grandpa and do your happy prance as you fly across the bridge.

With love,
Mom, Dad and all who adore you


Our thoughts are with special friends who are so deeply missing their beloved friend Griffy.

A candle is glowing in honor of a special girl who was the light of her family’s life.



Update: January 4, 2011 – The Big Heart Rescue team sends out their heartfelt condolences to Mark and Shannon as they grieve the loss of their beautiful girl Ellie.  For the last five years Ellie knew nothing but love, kindness, gentle hands and a warm safe home.  May memories of time spent together warm your heart and bring contentment in the days to come.

Ellie was found in a parking lot on Vancouver Island by Victoria Animal Control. She was starving, emaciated and her calcified nails caused her difficulty when walking. Thankfully, Victoria Animal Control worked in partnership with Big Heart Rescue to have this girl moved into a loving foster home where she is recovering and showing her true beautiful self. Ellie’s foster Mom notes that this darling girl LOVES to swim and fetch.  Off leash parks are the joy of her day and lying by the fireplace in the evening is the best place to rest after a full and busy doggie day.

Update: January

It’s hard to believe that Ellie once looked like this and in just a few short months she has become a beauty Queen!

Ellie has been hard at work with a trainer to bring her social manners and obedience training to a higher level. She has gained weight, filled out and is now at a comfortable 52 lbs.

This dignified and stunning girl is looking for an active and dog experienced family with a securely fenced yard and who will take her to the beach for swimming.

Update: February

Sweet Ellie has found her home on the island with new parents Shannon and Mark. She also has a great dog friend named Cedar and lots of cats to keep her company.

Currently Ellie is sound asleep in front of the wood fire place cuddled up next to Cedar….oh, the life of an islander!

A huge thank you to Foster Mom Diane for making all the difference in this girl’s life and to Shannon and Mark for giving her the gift of a new loving family.


 Felix has said goodbye to his loving Mom and the entire BHR team sends out their love to help you through this very difficult time.

Felix was healed physically by Canada West but his spirit was healed by his one and only true family.

Fly free dear Felix and watch over your Mom as she begins a new journey. You will remain in her heart forever.


In 2002 Creston PAWS rescued 56 chained and starving dogs in the mountains of Topaz Creek with 12 being sent to the mainland for rehab and adoption.

Among the 12 was Tupal, a five year old female Shepherd mix who gained little attention as most adopters were looking for Northern mixes.  But this “plain Jane” with the haunted eyes and the broken soul made a decision one day, a decision that would change the next 7 years of our lives.

After many weeks of lying in a field with the individuals of  this special group of survivors, this girl saw me arrive one day and began to run the fence line.  She paced back and forth and it appeared she was attempting to gain my attention.  I watched her for a few moments and realized that there had been a breakthrough, she was determined that I notice her and that I should take in all that she was showing me.

I brought this beauty out of the field to have her sit with me and to hold her  because she had made a decision to love again. Those dark brown eyes looked up at me and she knew that I was captured, that she would from that day forward have the home she had hoped for, one where her value was never measured only embraced.  No judgement on her coloring, her breed or her background, only acceptance of a heart that had been wounded and would begin a journey of healing.

Through our shared years this beautiful soulful girl would be by my side day and night.  Sweet Tupal shared unconditionally with all those who came into her life, whether a sickly foster pup who required her warmth, a weak kitten who desired special mothering, or a human friend who needed to touch her soft fur and lean into the strength that she so willingly gave.

Tupal enjoyed life in a different way than most happy-go-lucky companions do.  Toys, stuffies and adventures meant little, yet  time spent sleeping under my desk while I worked was heaven,  gentle walks down the path were joyful, and loving words brought a spark to her eyes.

And then Tupal  slowly began to fade.  While her spirit remained strong and wilful, her  body was not able to continue.

Today Tupal was peacefully released to be sent on her way.  Dearest Tupal, run free and smile down upon us so that we can continue to feel your love.



Big Heart Rescue is desperately seeking a loving foster home for Holly to recover in.  She is under-going extensive surgery today (Dec. 19th) to help her achieve health and wellness.

Here is Holly’s Story:

I was found earlier this week on the Freeway in Chilliwack .   I was narrowly missed by a vehicle that was passing me, but some kind person stopped and rescued me and took me to Chilliwack Animal Control so I would be safe.   As soon as I arrived at Chilliwack Animal Control the folks there were very upset when they saw me.    I have not been well looked after by the people who owned me.  If you look at the pictures carefully you can see that I have nursed many puppies (probably more than any of you will ever know).

I am still at the vet now and on some antibiotics and antihistamines for my extremely bad skin condition.   I have many things wrong with me right now.  I am having some trouble walking on my hind legs and the vet think that I have been used for a puppy machine and have probably my old owner kept me confined in a small cage where I was unable to walk.   My ears are badly infected and running with infection  and I have been badly neglected in every way.  I have missing teeth and broken ones too.

I am a sweet and gentle girl who wants to get well and find a new family.

For now I desperately need a kind and loving foster home where I can recover from the neglect I have suffered.   On Monday I will have some skin scrapings, blood work and if all that goes well I will be spayed right away making sure I will never again have puppies.  While I am under the drugs being spayed I will also have my ears looked at, get my teeth all fixed up too.


Hurray! Holly found her forever home.


Beautiful Holly has moved on to be with the so many that have left before her. She is sadly missed by her Mom and Dad and the entire Big Heart team sends heart felt condolences. May the memories of your loving time spent together warm your heart in the moments of sadness.

Baby Ella

Baby Ella is from a remote First Nations community and was rushed into the arms of Big Heart Rescue when it was discovered that this tiny 7 week old, 1.1 pound little girl was suffering from seizures.

When Ella arrived neurological damage was evident, she was filled with worms and she tilted when she walked.  We suspected that she was suffering from Distemper and that this deadly disease had already moved into her brain.

Ella was fostered in an emergency receiving home where she was immediately put into isolation while we awaited the lab results.  In her foster home her days and nights were filled with all the food she could eat, the cuddles she could handle and the love she could absorb.  For a few short days her energy level came up and we had hope that maybe it was epilepsy we were seeing and not the horrid ravages of Distemper.

But sadly when the lab results came back she was positive for both Distemper and Parvo, the virus had caused inflammation of her brain and her body was becoming so tried, with broken hearts we knew she could not win this battle.

Our beautiful baby Ella was lovingly held by her foster Mom as she gently went to sleep and left this world to join the many others who have gone before her.

Big Heart Rescue will continue to strive to eradicate these horrific diseases in remote communities with on-going in-field wellness clinics and sterilization programs so that one day, innocent souls are not born to die.

Angel Blessings Dear Baby Ella, you are loved and are so greatly missed.


Early in June 2009 some children in a small coastal community brought a very sick little cat to a Big Heart Rescue volunteer.  Apparently the cat had been abandoned by the people who were supposed to be caring for her. She’d been outside, fending for herself in extemely  hot weather  She was emaciated, dehydrated and had wounds on her body, likely caused by another animal.

The Big Heart volunteer made her as comfortable as possible and in the morning took her with him on the ferry to Port Hardy.  Upon arrival there he went directly to the North Island Veterinary Hospital where they swung into action and put her into an incubator as her temperature was very low.  This small female cat was an adult and yet weighed only 1.8 pounds!  Dr. Lazzarotto and her team did their best to pull off a miracle.

Calypso survived her first night there to the delight of all of us who had heard her story.  Unfortunately the neglect she had suffered through before being brought to the Big Heart volunteer was just too much for her small body to overcome and she passed away on the second day.  Heroic efforts were made on her behalf by so many and the only comfort we can take from this very sad and unnecessary story is that we know she was warm, fed, loved and cared for in her last few days on earth.

Big Heart Rescue thanks everyone involved in helping Calpyso.


King was chained, abused and neglected yet  he remained loving, gentle and wished for nothing more than to be safe inside with a gentle hand to stroke his coat.

King found the family he so wished for, where he was spoiled and loved beyond words. For five wonderful years he lived the life of a true King with daily walks, snuggles and kindness like he had never known.

His family knew that their time together would not be forever but five years was far too short. Sadly King’s cancer no longer allowed him to breath with comfort and his body betrayed any quality of life.

With great sadness his Mom and Dad said goodbye King and the entire Big Heart Team sheds tears along with them. Run free dear King, you are well now.

A Tribute to King
His spirit runs free in Heritage Park
It soars like the eagle and the skylark,
Proud, intelligent, yet gentle and loving.
Everyone knew him..
Everyone missed him
Our proud and handsome boy.
We lost him one beautiful sunny May day.
When he could no longer run or walk,
We’ll remember him fondly as our boy King
Soar with the eagle, we hear you sing
In the Rainbow forest
like a bird
on the wing….

Still fondly missed after 10 Months
March 7, 2010


Tiny was the beloved friend of an Elder who adored and spoiled his boy and provided him with hugs and kisses.  Tiny’s  life came to a tragic end all too soon.

A few days ago, Tiny was attacked by a roaming pack of dogs and mortally wounded.  A volunteer rushed Tiny to Big Heart Rescue with hope that emergency vet care could save his life but sadly this was not to be and Tiny passed away after struggling so hard to live and return to his Dad.

Big Heart Rescue will continue working towards mandatory sterilization by-laws in the communities we partner with in order to reduce dog packing and the sad toll this takes.

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