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Lucky – Adoption Pending

Lucky has gone on a trial adoption.  I don’t think they’ll be returning this boy if they can help it!!! Please check back in a week to see if he becomes available. 


Sweet Lucky has been recovering with our rescue fo010cr 2 months now. This shy boy from a rural community had been attacked by several dogs and needed emergency vetting. We flew him to the coast and started his long recovery with our wonderful vet. Lucky was such a patient boy through everything – he required surgery and mega doses of antibiotics – but he survived, and now his luck is changing.Luck injury

Other than a bit of a funny haircut from the wound care, Lucky is now as good as new! Lucky is 15 months old and 50 lbs. He is a Golden Retriever/Husky cross, and will need an active home. He’s one lucky boy and whoever adopts him will be one lucky home. Lucky has been neutered and is fully vaccinated, as well as completely recovered with all health concerns met.


Lucky is still learning about life as a dog should know it. Collars, leashes, and being picked up were all scary to him. At first, he would flatten himself on the floor and scream when just being approached with a leash. A ton of patience and trust building has fixed that, and he’s learning about the good things life offers. He’s very willing to please and wants affection, so he’s been accepting other new things without much fuss. He loves other dogs, but can be overwhelmed in group settings. In a large group he will tend to tense and growl for half a minute while he evaluates the situation – then he will either run away, or burst into play. Time and continued positive meetings are all he needs to start trusting larger groups.

We are looking for homes within the Lower Mainland and are unable to adopt outside of this area. Please tell us about yourself, and the homelife you can offer Lucky by completing an adoption application:

Adoption Application Form

We are foster home based without a physical shelter. We will contact you after receiving your application, and if you are a match for Lucky we will set up a meet and greet time. Lucky is located in the White Rock area.

What’s With All The Questions?

Why do rescue organizations like Big Heart ask so many questions of potential adopters? For some answers, check out“Those darn dog rescues with all of their rules and questions – what gives?”  by Penny Elms for Examiner.com .

To make a long story short, we’ll quote directly from the article: “Rescue organizations find some phenomenal homes – amazing people are out there. That being said, so many of the dogs in rescue are amazing too. They are worth the time and effort and they deserve the exceptional home. They deserve a home that will keep them until the end of their days.”

Click here to read the article – it’s well worth it.  To submit an adoption application for an animal from Big Heart Rescue, please click here.

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