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Bart adoptd c

This little guy is patiently waiting for his forever home. He’s a happy-go-lucky guy that flew in from northern BC with his brothers and sisters. They’ve all found homes and now Bart wants one of his own.

He’ll probably be 50 – 60 pounds when fully grown. He’s a true Heinz 57 and we can only guess his breed which could be a mix of German Shepherd, Husky, pit bull, border collie.

He is with Big Heart Rescue and as we don’t have a facility you will have to apply for him in order to meet him.

You will find an application form at: Adoption Application Form



Four of our five pups are happy in their new homes. So many wonderful people applied it was hard to narrow it down to just four homes. Thank you to everyone.

IMG_1134c          photo FullSizeRender  IMG-20170219-WA0000

These northern beauties would like to find nice family homes

These northern beauties would like to find nice family homes. They are 9 weeks old and will be 50- 60 lbs when full grown. We can only guess at their breed by looking at the predominate breeds of other dogs in the area., which seem to be German Shepherd, Husky, pit bull, border collie and then there’s that naughty Shar Pei running around too. 😃

UPDATE:  OLLIE has had so many people wanting him that we are no longer taking applications for him.  Little OLIVIA has an Adoption Pending.  3 cheers for these two !

b and oThey’re sweet and quite calm puppies and all are living in homes with children and older dogs.

Grover and Olivia are the smallest so they might max out at 40-50lb, they are more reserved and shy than the others. They love to be held and cuddled but should go to a home with another dog to play and learn from.

Volt, Ollie and Bart are inquisitive and always first to explore the world around them. Quite fearless they will need a family that keeps them engaged and does lots of activities with them. They are sweet and cuddly as well and love people and children.

A completed application is required before meeting the puppies.

Adoption Application Form

Great Tait! Adopted


Tait is a fabulous 5 y/o neutered male JRT that lost his previous home due to no fault of his own. 12″ at the shoulder & 20# ( he could stand to lose a # or 2) He is well trained and knows all his commands plus many you would never imagine. So eager to learn, please and make you smile that I really have too many good things to say about this little dog to put in a few paragraphs. Tait would do exceptionally well in a home that could continue to stimulate his mind with training games, dog sports or rally/obedience.  He is not over the top in terms of exercise needs but is ready to go whenever you are. He is just as enthusiastic about a day in jammies snuggled on the couch as he is for a long hike or game of chuck-it.



Tait comes with 2 gears, Chill & JRT Maniac mode, both usually directed by the actions of his companion.  He is excellent in the house, learning house rules quickly and is a lovely little lap companion. This little guy quite enjoys all the comforts of home plus knows his manners.  His temperament is awesome, all people and children seem to be his friend right away and even in play he is quite gentle.






If you are interested in learning more about this special dog please fill out an application at:


Sookie: a Min Pin on a Mission! Adopted!

Sookie’s an island girl now!

Lovable Sookie is probably a Min Pin (Miniature Pinscher) who weighs only seven and a half pounds! She’s three years old, good with other dogs and has done well in her foster home with a small dog and a medium-sized one (you can see her foster brother snoozing quietly in the background).

When she came into Big Heart’s care a couple of months ago, Sookie was suffering from abandonment issues and had probably never seen a leash or eaten a good canine food in her life.

Thanks to the efforts of her current foster home, things have changed for the better! Beautiful Sookie has put on some weight and is feeling a lot less nervous and a lot more secure in herself.  She’s ready for either another foster home where her new people can help her to reach the next level of security, or maybe even her forever home with people who love the beauty, intelligence and energy of this breed and are home most of the time.

Sookie’s mission is to find her perfect person and she has their job description ready to go:

Must be patient (did we say patient? r-e-a-l-l-y patient) because Sookie missed the potty-training thing when she was stuck in the basement in her previous life.  Amazingly, she’s figured everything else out and is really good around the house otherwise.

Best of all, she LOVES her people (though she’s not good at young children).  But Sookie’s perfect person will have to be patient and good-humoured and consistent about reminding her  how the bathroom thing is supposed to be done.

After all, who could resist those wombat ears and that great smile?

If our wombat looks like the foster you’ve been waiting for or the Min Pin you’ve been hoping to adopt, please contact Big Heart at <bigheartrescue@gmail.com>  or fill out an Adoption Application.



Lovebug back in town! Adoption complete

Frankie hit it big second time and is living the good life with his adopter.

This handsome, easy-going kind of guy with great house manners and a wonderful smile was adopted by Big Heart several years ago.  Frankie’s person loved him dearly but, due to his own illness,  he is no longer able to care for  this great dog.  So Big Heart is happy to help Frankie again: he needs a foster or forever family as soon as possible.  Frankie loves walks and car rides and hanging with his special person. He’s medium-sized, around 6 years old and has all the advantages of being a well-socialized adult with great house manners.  Frankie gets along well with dogs big and small though he’s too interested in cats to live safely with them.

A refresher obedience course would be a great way for Frankie’s new family to bond with him as he loves people (and dogs) so much he wants to hug everybody.  Sadly, not everyone wants a big hug right away so Frankie needs to learn to sit first and then good things will happen.  In return for this big smile everyday, who wouldn’t want to teach Frankie to sit?

If this handsome happy guy looks like your kind of foster or forever buddy,  please fill in an Adoption Application or contact Big Heart at <bigheartrescue@gmail.com>.

Note: We adopt to residents living within a two hour driving distance of the Lower Mainland and Southern Vancouver Island. We cannot accept applications outside of Canada.



Lexi needs your help!


This is 4 month-old  puppy Lexi (with her best friend)  before the fall.  In spite of her family’s best efforts to supervise this rambunctious young Rottie, Lexi got herself into  big trouble: she fell from a very high retaining wall and broke one arm. Unfortunately for Lexi, the break is very complicated and Big Heart’s vet is performing surgery on her today so she’ll be able to run and jump again.

Orthopedic surgery requiring screws and a plate demands skill, patience, and afterward, supervised recovery time which means that after flying Lexi to the Lower Mainland for help, Big Heart will be assisting the family with the considerable financial cost of Lexi’s adventure.

We hope Lexi will never jump over anything this high again but, in the meantime, we’d be grateful if you would consider a donation to help us help Lexi.

We appreciate your support!



Please click the “Donate” button to send us a PayPal donation. N.B.: You do not need to have a PayPal account in order to donate via PayPal.


Click the CanadaHelps.Org button to send us a donation. You do not have to have or open an account at CanadaHelps.Org.





Latte (now Bailey) has been adopted!


Latte is a cute, active 10 week old pup. She’s well socialized and plays non-stop with her brother Smoky and foster brother Chance.  Like all pups she is sweet and cute but a lot of work. If Latte sounds right for you,  please fill in an Adoption Application.

Note: We adopt to residents living within a two hour driving distance of the Lower Mainland and Southern Vancouver Island. We cannot accept applications outside of Canada.

Cole’s Story

They say my name is Cole and I am a very senior gent who is in pain. Pain from being run over by a car, pain from spending all my years outside without the kindness of being a beloved family member, pain in my bones, in my joints and in my heart.

What hurts me the most is my heart and no one can see this.  My heart is hurt because as much as I sought love I could not find it, my spirit was ignored and not tended to, my soul was not encouraged to fly and explore all the wonderful offerings of a beloved friend.

I think what would help to heal my pain is a family who will understand my heart, who will hear my longing for a kind hand and soft eyes that will look into mine and will help me find peace while I have time left here on earth.

I know it will take time for me to find this family, a family that will accept and understand my past yet help me feel secure as I venture into tomorrow.  I can wait for this but I hope the wait is not too long, for there are only so many days on earth that each soul is allowed to enjoy the sun, feel the breeze and rest by the comfort of a fire.

The desire for me to be with my people is stronger than anything else that draws on my strength.  I not only want to be with people, I need to be with people.  Knowing I am always safe with them by my side, to help me understand that the pain in my heart will heal and I may play as freely as a new pup, a chance I never had.

If you feel we can share our lives together please contact Big Heart Rescue for an application to adopt me.

With hope and anticipation,


Update: 27 October

How do we begin to say thank you to Kerri-Lynne and Terry who have once again taken on a forever foster by the name of Cole!

This beautiful huge boy has found his home, where he will be loved for who he is,  accepted with all his quirks, and will join his forever foster sister Pearl and his two other dog sisters as they begin their lives together, enjoying play time on the farm and love that knows no bounds.

With heartfelt gratitude for all your care and compassion, Kerri-Lynne and Terry you are truly a blessing to those that are in desperate need of your dedication.

Terra’s Story

Terra Survives and Thrives
by new Mom, Nancy

Terra is a beautiful standard American Eskimo whose intelligent dark eyes look at the world with wonder and forgiveness. Her tail curves over her back and her perfect pricked ears move as she thinks. She also has a raised black scar all around her muzzle that stands in stark contrast to her white face. Her foot has a ligature mark around it and is slightly misshapen. Large hunks of Terra’s matted coat have been shaved and what remains feels like straw and is stained from urine and feces. What happened to Terra?

Recently, a woman walked into a business in Vancouver, pulling a suitcase on wheels. She asked if they “take dogs” and the owner said no. When she unzipped the suitcase, a 35 pound white Eskimo fell out and an overwhelming stench of urine and feces wafted up. Her coat was tangled with mats, her muscles were atrophied, and she looked unbearably sad. Poor Terra had been locked in a bathroom her whole life with her muzzle wrapped in wire.

Two blessings happened that day: this woman released Terra from her torment and the business owner took one look and said “yes, we take dogs.” He talked to the woman and found out that she lived in an apartment that didn’t allow dogs, so Terra was wired up so she couldn’t bark. They took her out in a suitcase so no one would see her. And then the best thing: When the woman left, the owner called Big Heart Rescue.

American Eskimos are commonly abused dogs. They are frequently bred by puppy mills because they are absolutely adorable puppies and are briskly sold to impulsive humans wandering through pet stores. They suffer when isolated because they are very intelligent and athletic dogs. They have quick minds and love people. They deserve better.

Big Heart Rescue moved quickly to save Terra. They bathed her, spayed her, dewormed her, and gave her all of her shots. They inserted a microchip and put a tag on her collar so that she could be identified if she was ever lost. And then they placed her with a loving and skilled foster mom who fed her high quality food, took her for walks on real grass, taught her to use the outdoors for her bathroom, and gave her a safe and comfy place to lay her head. Terra was learning that another world exists––where water was always available, food was good, toys and dogs are fun to play with, voices are kind, and humans used their hands to stroke and pat, not hurt.

Big Heart Rescue put Terra’s picture on www.petfinder.com to find her a forever home. The first day that Terra’s picture appeared, a woman with two dogs, two teens, and 20 years of dog training experience (using only positive methods) was looking for a rescue dog for her daughter’s piano teacher to adopt. And she saw Terra. The pictures were gut wrenching. Terra looked sad and dishevelled. Her body sagged and her tail drooped down. But, her eyes were those of an old soul with a forgiving nature and hope for the future. Nancy K. called Big Heart Rescue and said that if they thought that Terra would fit into her family well, if the family agreed, and if Terra got along with the two dogs (one a rescued dog who had been in a pound once and rescue twice), she would fold her into the family.

Terra went to live with her new forever family only one week ago. In that week, she has started to rebound to who she was meant to be. Her head is held high and her tail curls over her back, the proud Eskie way. Her coat, brushed every day, is falling out in bunches as the good food and supplements promote new, fresh, white fur. When she met her new vet, she quietly walked up to everyone in the office, and gently took treats and got pats. Nancy teared up when Terra first barked––she is allowed a voice in her new home. Within days, she learned to stay with Nancy off lead, so now she goes on hikes in the woods. She has splashed in a mountain stream and felt tall grass brush her face. She holds her head up to the sun’s warmth and at night curls up in a soft dog bed. She’s befriended her new canine brother and sister and learned to chase a ball. Terra still falls over sometimes because her coordination and muscles need to develop and strengthen. She gobbles her food, perhaps thinking that the next meal might not come for a long time. The scars on her face and foot will stay forever.

But Terra seems to have forgiven humans for her first few years. She is a kind, intelligent, and spunky girl. Her eyes sparkle. Every day is bringing new experiences (chew toys, cottage cheese, dogs to play with, tricks to learn, and kindness all day long). Nancy K. and Big Heart Rescue hope that every person who meets Terra will see those scars and will realize that no dog should ever be treated that way. Perhaps it will move them to open their hearts and homes to a “throwaway dog.” Terra’s new life is beginning. We hope that the memories of the abuse and isolation will dim as she makes new memories of sun, fun, and love.

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