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Let The Voting Begin!

And… we’re off! Voting began today for the latest round of the Pepsi Refresh Challenge, and Big Heart Rescue is in the running for a $100,000 grant.  If awarded, this grant would be used to acquire and equip a Mobile Animal Surgical Unit.  We have volunteer vets and vet techs who would go to  remote communities with this unit and perform the sterilizations onsite. We estimate we could reduce the cost of sterilization by 50%, and be able to sterilize many more animals.

The purpose of our project is to increase the number of animals sterilized in First Nations communities with whom we partner for animal care. Currently, almost all of the sterilizations are done off site because there are no vet clinics in these remote communities. Shipping animals to offsite vet clinics is costly and logistically difficult due to limited cargo space on planes and limited clinic space.

The remote communities that we serve through partnerships with First Nations are without vet services. Sterilization of a greater percentage of their animals would reduce the packs of roaming dogs that are breeding uncontrolled. Parvo, distemper and other transmittable diseases (that can be transmitted to children) would be reduced because we could visit more often and have fewer animals to treat. Being in a community more often would allow better delivery of humane animal welfare information. Overall, these communities would have fewer unwanted litters and better health for existing animals.

How Can You Help?  Vote For Us!

It only takes a minute and a click to cast your vote and help us in this challenge.  You can vote once per day & the winner will be announced on May 1st, 2011.  Currently there are 259 ideas in the running in the Pepsi Refresh Challenge and we are currently placed at number 9 in our category!  We’re off to a terrific start & it’s only the first day!

Please click here to vote for Big Heart Rescue in the $100,000 grant Pepsi Refresh Challenge, and help us to acquire and equip a Mobile Animal Surgical Unit!

UPDATE: Big Heart Rescue placed 10th in the Pepsi Refresh project – even though we didn’t come first, it’s awesome to see the support we’ve received by people voting for us.  Thank you to everyone who voted!

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