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Big Heart Thanks to Vancouver Talmud Torah School

Dr. Weinberger,  a  member of the Board of Directors with Big Heart Rescue, was pleased to accept an amazing donation from the Vancouver Talmud Torah school in Vancouver and below you can read the heartfelt appreciation that Dr. Ben shared with these very special youth.

The entire BHR team sends their deepest gratitude to Ashley and Neeve for your support and dedication to those in need.

The Directors of Big Heart Rescue

My name is Ben Weinberger and I am a Veterinarian and volunteer for BHR.  When I received the invitation to attend today, I was excited for two reasons.  I too am a graduate from United Talmud Torah in Montreal so was eager to visit the school and also to meet these two outstanding students Ashley Morris and Neeve Mathews and to thank them and their class for their generous donation.

A “Mitzvah” is defined in the dictionary as a good deed. When I grew up my parents taught me that a “Mitzvah” was more than that. It was something done from the heart, a selfless act done for someone else without any expectations in return.  This is truly a “Mitzvah” as the donation will go a long way in providing care for hundreds of dogs and cats to live longer and healthier lives.  BHR works within the Province of BC with a special focus on First Nations Reserves where funding and Veterinary care are virtually non-existent.

So on behalf of BHR I would like to thank you for your generous donation and your compassion and caring about Humane Animal Welfare. You are the future of saving and helping many more four legged lives and strengthening the human/pet bond.


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