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Blue: an update

Good news:  Blue’s family has been located!  While Blue and her soon-to-arrive puppies still need Big Heart’s support, Blue no longer needs to be transported to the Lower Mainland.  Big Heart is sending food and supplies for Blue and we’ve offered to place her pups and spay Blue when the time is right.  Fingers crossed that everything goes well for Blue.


Blue is a 2 year old Rottweiler/Shepherd cross who is expecting her fourth litter and urgently needs your help.  Although Blue is gentle and sweet with everyone, she was left behind to starve.  Now Blue is homeless and soon to give birth.  She’s good with other dogs including her rescuer’s Chihuahua, and has endured a lot in her short life.

We need to fly Blue to safety immediately as the airlines will not fly puppies until they’re 8 weeks old. Blue can’t wait that long. Big Heart will provide full support to Blue’s foster family and to Blue’s puppies when they arrive.  Please contact Big Heart  at <bigheartrescue@gmail.com> immediately if you’re able to foster Blue.


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