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Lexi needs your help!


This is 4 month-old  puppy Lexi (with her best friend)  before the fall.  In spite of her family’s best efforts to supervise this rambunctious young Rottie, Lexi got herself into  big trouble: she fell from a very high retaining wall and broke one arm. Unfortunately for Lexi, the break is very complicated and Big Heart’s vet is performing surgery on her today so she’ll be able to run and jump again.

Orthopedic surgery requiring screws and a plate demands skill, patience, and afterward, supervised recovery time which means that after flying Lexi to the Lower Mainland for help, Big Heart will be assisting the family with the considerable financial cost of Lexi’s adventure.

We hope Lexi will never jump over anything this high again but, in the meantime, we’d be grateful if you would consider a donation to help us help Lexi.

We appreciate your support!



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