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Happy Tails

Herman’s Fresh Start


Herman has been adopted.
Once there was a dog named Herman who needed a fresh start in life.  His physical wounds were mostly healed but there was still a lot he needed to figure out.  Before he came to the city, Herman didn’t get much help to learn how to be what people call a dog. Of course, he was as cute and happy as a little white Pomeranian cross could be but he doesn’t remember getting much of that training thing and that’s what everybody cares about now that his stitches are out.
You see, Herman will probably never forget the big dogs who attacked him so little dogs are the only ones he trusts and that’s on a good day….  Kids kind of remind him of scary stuff too and he really needs to start over with someone who will do all the basics and help Herman get it all sorted out.
Herman is a feisty survivor and he figures he could do all this if his new person was at home a lot to keep him company and remind him of how it’s all supposed to work.  Slow and easy is what he needs and lots of  love is what Herman will give in return.

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Happy Tails

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