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Happy Tails

Molly Adopted April 2013

standI received a call back in Feb. about an injured stray hanging out near the youth centre on one of the reserves we work with. Several local people went looking for her but she’d disappeared and we feared she’d been taken by the wolves. Several days later she was spotted again with leg wounds leading us to believe she’d been hit by a car. Many helpful people pulled together to care for her while arrangements were made to fly her down to Vancouver. As always Pacific Coastal went above and beyond to bring her to safety.

It was 10 days before she saw a vet, and while most of her scrapes and cuts were healing, the largest gash running along the inside of her hock was not and infection had set in. Once she’d completed a course of antibiotics along with limited exercise she was ready to be adopted.  It wasn’t long before we heard from Nicole and Jeff who were the perfect home for her.

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Happy Tails

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