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These northern beauties would like to find nice family homes

These northern beauties would like to find nice family homes. They are 9 weeks old and will be 50- 60 lbs when full grown. We can only guess at their breed by looking at the predominate breeds of other dogs in the area., which seem to be German Shepherd, Husky, pit bull, border collie and then there’s that naughty Shar Pei running around too. 😃

UPDATE:  OLLIE has had so many people wanting him that we are no longer taking applications for him.  Little OLIVIA has an Adoption Pending.  3 cheers for these two !

b and oThey’re sweet and quite calm puppies and all are living in homes with children and older dogs.

Grover and Olivia are the smallest so they might max out at 40-50lb, they are more reserved and shy than the others. They love to be held and cuddled but should go to a home with another dog to play and learn from.

Volt, Ollie and Bart are inquisitive and always first to explore the world around them. Quite fearless they will need a family that keeps them engaged and does lots of activities with them. They are sweet and cuddly as well and love people and children.

A completed application is required before meeting the puppies.

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