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In Memoriam


King was chained, abused and neglected yet  he remained loving, gentle and wished for nothing more than to be safe inside with a gentle hand to stroke his coat.

King found the family he so wished for, where he was spoiled and loved beyond words. For five wonderful years he lived the life of a true King with daily walks, snuggles and kindness like he had never known.

His family knew that their time together would not be forever but five years was far too short. Sadly King’s cancer no longer allowed him to breath with comfort and his body betrayed any quality of life.

With great sadness his Mom and Dad said goodbye King and the entire Big Heart Team sheds tears along with them. Run free dear King, you are well now.

A Tribute to King
His spirit runs free in Heritage Park
It soars like the eagle and the skylark,
Proud, intelligent, yet gentle and loving.
Everyone knew him..
Everyone missed him
Our proud and handsome boy.
We lost him one beautiful sunny May day.
When he could no longer run or walk,
We’ll remember him fondly as our boy King
Soar with the eagle, we hear you sing
In the Rainbow forest
like a bird
on the wing….

Still fondly missed after 10 Months
March 7, 2010

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In Memoriam