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In Memoriam


Early in June 2009 some children in a small coastal community brought a very sick little cat to a Big Heart Rescue volunteer.  Apparently the cat had been abandoned by the people who were supposed to be caring for her. She’d been outside, fending for herself in extemely  hot weather  She was emaciated, dehydrated and had wounds on her body, likely caused by another animal.

The Big Heart volunteer made her as comfortable as possible and in the morning took her with him on the ferry to Port Hardy.  Upon arrival there he went directly to the North Island Veterinary Hospital where they swung into action and put her into an incubator as her temperature was very low.  This small female cat was an adult and yet weighed only 1.8 pounds!  Dr. Lazzarotto and her team did their best to pull off a miracle.

Calypso survived her first night there to the delight of all of us who had heard her story.  Unfortunately the neglect she had suffered through before being brought to the Big Heart volunteer was just too much for her small body to overcome and she passed away on the second day.  Heroic efforts were made on her behalf by so many and the only comfort we can take from this very sad and unnecessary story is that we know she was warm, fed, loved and cared for in her last few days on earth.

Big Heart Rescue thanks everyone involved in helping Calpyso.

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In Memoriam