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In Memoriam

Baby Ella

Baby Ella is from a remote First Nations community and was rushed into the arms of Big Heart Rescue when it was discovered that this tiny 7 week old, 1.1 pound little girl was suffering from seizures.

When Ella arrived neurological damage was evident, she was filled with worms and she tilted when she walked.  We suspected that she was suffering from Distemper and that this deadly disease had already moved into her brain.

Ella was fostered in an emergency receiving home where she was immediately put into isolation while we awaited the lab results.  In her foster home her days and nights were filled with all the food she could eat, the cuddles she could handle and the love she could absorb.  For a few short days her energy level came up and we had hope that maybe it was epilepsy we were seeing and not the horrid ravages of Distemper.

But sadly when the lab results came back she was positive for both Distemper and Parvo, the virus had caused inflammation of her brain and her body was becoming so tried, with broken hearts we knew she could not win this battle.

Our beautiful baby Ella was lovingly held by her foster Mom as she gently went to sleep and left this world to join the many others who have gone before her.

Big Heart Rescue will continue to strive to eradicate these horrific diseases in remote communities with on-going in-field wellness clinics and sterilization programs so that one day, innocent souls are not born to die.

Angel Blessings Dear Baby Ella, you are loved and are so greatly missed.

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In Memoriam