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Linda & Bill

Big Heart Rescue has a dynamo tag team in Linda and Bill!

Linda contacted Big Heart Rescue to learn more about our non-profit and it’s been a partnership of joy ever since that phone call over a year ago.

Bill and Linda share their love and devotion so generously with BHR that it is hard to even think where we would be without them.

From fundraisers to home visits, phone calls and donation solicitations, to baking and promotion,  both Bill and Linda have spent countless hours helping  BHR.

In addition, Linda is planning to further her studies in animal communication and Reiki which will be of great benefit to the dogs in foster care.

Bill consistently provides a warm hug and huge smile to the BHR team members when he is taking a break from gathering up donations, doing home visits with Linda, printing off posters, organizing garage sales and supporting BHR at every turn.

Without dedicated, enthusiastic, supportive volunteers like Linda and Bill, our small volunteer-driven non-profit group would never be the success it is today.  We thank Linda and Bill for being an integral part of Big Heart Rescue.


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