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Dennis & Laurie

The husband and wife team of Laurie and Dennis are dedicated volunteers. This remarkable couple first joined  Big Heart Rescue when they adopted Zyra, a young excitable girl who became their cherished “fur kid”.

They then approached BHR with offers of volunteering as a tandem team of airport/vet transport with Laurie taking on the additional role of assisting with marketing/promotion in the areas of fostering and brochure development.

Dennis is an early retired civil servant who is now exploring his First Nations heritage by learning the art of carving and Laurie has her days filled with part-time employment, animal welfare and care-giving to her amazing household of feathered and furry friends.

Many hours have been spent driving and transporting arriving dogs/puppies/cats/kittens to the vet or to their foster homes, with Laurie and Dennis often being the first ones to provide a loving moment to the new arrivals.

We cannot begin to thank these two volunteer champions enough. Thank you so  much for your amazing support, commitment and love for those who need you the most!


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