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In 2005 Big Heart Rescue was overwhelmed by requests for assistance with cats and kittens. We sent out a call for help and were answered by  Judy, a skilled and compassionate animal welfare volunteer who worked specifically with cats!

What a blessing it was to hear from Judy that day, so many years ago. Immediately she sprang into action and purred her way into the hearts of other ethical cat rescue organizations so that they could form a specific Cat Team to help in placing the felines who were in such need.

With Judy at the helm, Big Heart Rescue was able to fly these very special cats/kittens down to the mainland where each and everyone is sterilized, vaccinated, de-wormed, de-flea-ed and  provided with any other medical treatment needed. Once the cats have had all their vetting, the Cat Team takes care of them  until adoptive homes are found.

To have a volunteer with such dedication, tenacity, determination and networking ability is beyond a gift. The hours that Judy spends transporting, e-mailing, calling, providing follow-up support and ensuring all the T’s are crossed and the I’s are dotted are too numerous to count.

Without Judy and the Cat Team, over 200 cats and kittens would not have made their way to safety and into the care of their new families. This is an amazing feat for a volunteer and Big Heart Rescue is grateful to work with Judy. Over the past 3 years Judy’s special sparkle has added a joy to the organization and because she answered a call for help, a new world opened up for Big Heart Rescue.

The Directors wish to send their heartfelt thanks to Judy and the Cat Team for all you have done.  Judy, you are the definition of volunteering and your kindness touches each and every person who has the pleasure of meeting you.


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