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Joan & John

Foster dog Ben says:

” Hello, my name is Ben. I’m a foster dog and I’m hoping to one day find a forever home. For now I live with Joan and John, my foster family. We have a lot of fun and go lots of places together. I love car trips and my ball. Before I came to live with my foster family I didn’t have a ball but they took me to a big pet store and I picked one out.

Fostering takes a special kind of family. The kind that opens up their heart and home with the hope one day someone will adopt me. I know it will be hard to leave them, but by having foster homes for dogs more of my abandoned friends can be saved.

It is nice to be with a foster family. I’m not in an overcrowded kennel and I get to go for walks every day. Living with my foster family allows me to socialize with other pets and have a normal routine. That helps to make me a better choice for adoption. Taking me into their home is a big responsibility but it also gives them a lot of pleasure.

I am so happy that Big Heart Rescue found Joan & John to look after me. Big Heart Rescue pays the expenses and my foster family provide a safe and loving home. It will be sad for all three of us when I find my forever home but Joan & John will be happy knowing they helped me when I needed a temporary loving family. ”

The BHR Board of Directors says:

” What would we do without foster families? Our sincere thanks to Joan & John for their loving care of Ben. “

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