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Happy Tails

Tammy & Allan

What a blessing it was to have Tammy and Allan contact Big Heart Rescue and offer their home and their hearts to Danny, a special dog in need!

When it was discovered that Danny had many medical issues he was facing, the decision was made that Danny would become a “forever foster” and remain with Tammy and Allan until it was his time to leave this earth.

This amazing family has devoted countless hours to the care of a very special boy. While there have been many vet visits and health emergencies Tammy and Allan support him in every way that could be imagined.

You might ask, what more could Big Heart Rescue wish for! Well, it seems that Tammy decided to go above and beyond in volunteering and fostering for Big Heart Rescue and she has now become the Foster Home Coordinator for the society.

In this role, Tammy contacts all the foster families on the island and the mainland on a weekly basis to see how the foster kids are doing and develops a foster home profile that goes along to the new adoptive home. This way the adoptive family has a complete record of all vetting that has taken place while the companion has been in the care of Big Heart Rescue, the microchip number and tattoo is also listed, any special notes of interest are placed in the document and the profile from their web page is included. This means that Tammy spends many hours on e-mail and the computer to ensure that foster families and adoptive families have everything they need.

Without volunteers as dedicated as Tammy and Allan, a small non-profit organization simply cannot survive and Big Heart Rescue wishes to extend a huge thank you for all your dedication and support.

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Happy Tails

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