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Gabriola Pub Night 2009

Thanks to each and every supporter of Big Heart Rescue who contributed to our amazingly successful Gabriola Pub Night. The event was a sell out and supporters enjoyed participating in a BHR Bingo, balloon game, doggie basket raffle, breed guess game and ticket board raffle.

More than 60 business and art community members from Gabriola/Nanaimo donated live and silent auction items some of which had heated bidding going on!

The owners of the Skol Pub, Bob and Kenner, went above and beyond in providing extraordinary service to the organizers of the pub night. Their donation of the beer fridge with two cases of beer had a few members of the audience going toe to toe for this fantastic prize!  Thank you to Bob and Kenner for your support of Big Heart Rescue.

The volunteers spent countless hours organizing, picking up donations, working the evening and giving so generously of themselves. Thank you for your dedication.  A BHR sterilization fund is well established on Gabriola and will continue to assist those in need of financial contributions towards ensuring their canine companions are spayed or neutered. Big Heart sends our gratitude for  your support and we look forward to seeing you next year !

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