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In June 2007, when the Big Heart Rescue team read about the culling of dogs at Penelakut,  we felt we could be of service to this community in the Gulf Islands near Chemainus BC.

Big Heart’s First Steps to Help

A call was made and Big Heart Rescue was welcomed at Penelakut.  We have now completed our second meeting that focused on establishing a sterilization/vaccination program, healthy dog clinics and distribution of dog and cat food.

In addition, a volunteer youth team will be established that will focus on fundraising and education within the community and members of the BHR team will attend an adult learning class to speak on this new initiative.

Dr. Jay Pollock of the Chemainus Animal Hospital has been extremely supportive of this brand new program and he has agreed to be the key veterinarian to assist the canines and felines who require spaying, neutering, vaccinations and basic medical care. Dr. Pollock will also attend healthy dog clinics on the island with Big Heart Rescue where we will be able to administer booster shots and provide information on nutrition, humane animal welfare and the advantages of being a guardian to a healthy and vital companion.

To give the program a kick start, our organization has supplied Kuper Island with;

  • 3  Large Kennels for transport
  • 2  Small Kennels for transport
  • 420 lbs dog food
  • 30 lbs peanut butter cookies
  • 50 lbs cat food
  • 20 red collars
  • 20 leashes
  • one book of ferry tickets for car & driver transporter
  • Toonie game items to fundraise with
  • newsletters & volunteer apps.
  • T-shirts

Needless to say, the entire Big Heart Rescue team is excited  to be able to support this community as they work towards ensuring their companions are free from  giving birth to unwanted litters of puppies and kittens, and that they are disease free and  healthy.

With our  thanks and  appreciation to the Penelakut community for welcoming our team.


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