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Your New Companion

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Describe how you deal with a dog displaying behavioral issues

What are you expecting regarding a dog's obedience training when s/he first arrives at your home?

If the companion was on the couch and refused to listen to the Off command, what would you do?

If you returned home to find the companion had urinated on the carpet or chewed a shoe, what would you do?

What is your philosophy regarding crate training?

Briefly describe the perfect dog for you. What characteristics are you looking for? Think about your lifestyle. Are you active, in and out of the home, lots of people or children around, or are you a quiet, sedentary person with few visitors? What personality would best fit your family's needs and lifestyle?

Of the characteristics you listed immediately above, which 2 are the most important?


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Some Details

The basic needs of a healthy companion (feeding, vet visits, etc) can cost about $500 to $800 per year. Health or behavioural problems can increase this. Does this financial responsibility present a problem?

Have you applied anywhere else within the past year to adopt an animal?

If yes, please state name of agency, rescue, pound etc and when

Are you prepared to allow a representative from Big Heart Rescue to conduct a home visit before and after the adoption has been completed

My signature below indicates that I am at least 21 years of age and intend to be the legal owner and the person responsible for the care and well being of any companion I (we) adopt from Big Heart Rescue Society of BC.

In completing this application, I give representatives from Big Heart Rescue permission to contact my veterinarian, references and landlord if applicable.

By completing this document, I give Big Heart Rescue of BC the right to check with other rescue organizations, humane societies, or my vet and/or to share information about my application with these other groups or with my vet.

By completing this document I understand that Big Heart Rescue Society of BC has the right to refuse my application if the application or home situation is deemed not to be a match for the companion applied for.

I also understand that any misrepresentation of the true facts in this application or in the adoption contract will invalidate the adoption contract and will give Big Heart Rescue Society of BC the right to reclaim the adopted companion without refund of the adoption donation.

My name below indicates that I understand these Terms of Adoption and agree to abide by them if I adopt a companion through Big Heart Rescue Society.

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