// 2009 Waglisla (Bella Bella) Visit

The World Society for the Protection of Animals and Big Heart Rescue held a successful dog & cat clinic at Waglisla (Bella Bella) and Denny Island on April 24 – 26th, 2009. Over 62 dogs and cats were provided with vaccinations, medical check-ups, de-worming, de-fleaing, basic wound care and for some, a shave and a hair cut!

We were fortunate to have amazing community volunteers whose response to anything we asked was a resounding, “sure we can do that”!

Kyle who has been a volunteer with BHR for almost two years and is soon being transferred to another location brought his beautiful 6 month old Retriever x Newfie named Kona to our basic First Aid training on Saturday morning and she delighted all of the participants in the class with her sweet nature and patience as the learners listened to her heart, took her pulse and gave her a basic examination.  Thank you Kona for being so gentle while we fawned all over you and thank you Kyle for your endless hours of driving, running, meetings, problem solving and for ensuring our vet made it to the plane on time!  We wish you all the best in your new location and we will miss you, your devotion, your caring and all you have done for the Waglisla/Shearwater community.

We were also thrilled to have in attendance at the first aid training, three of our dynamic Youth Team lead by the longest term volunteer Lori, a new volunteer, Adam who is with the Department of Fisheries and Conservation and Ellie a volunteer in Bella Coola who sailed over to Bella Bella to join us and help with clinic duties.

Josey and Michelle from WSPA were kept very busy chatting with clinic clients and with their professional photographer Jeremiah who was always seen with a camera in his hand.  We are beyond positive that Jeremiah achieved some remarkable photographs and are all anxiously awaiting a peek at his fantastic work.  The entire BHR team wishes to send a heart felt thank you to Josey and Michelle for supporting this clinic and for taking the time out of your hectic work schedule to join us in this celebration, proving that “rescue does work” when we take a holistic approach.

Connie from Modern Dog Magazine also joined this enthusiastic team and we are looking forward to reading an article about this successful clinic in a future edition of this amazing publication.

We were delighted to see so many healthy and happy companions waiting to see either of the volunteer vets, Dr. Jim Snyder or Dr. Larry Higgins who worked along with Candice, a vibrant vet tech and Kate, a passionate vet tech in training.

The “dynamic intake team” of Waverlea, Linda and Cricket kept the flow at a comfortable pace for the vets and took detailed notes in order to have thorough and complete communication between the guardians, the clients and the vets.

The community welcomed team members during meetings with Council members, the Executive Director of the Heiltsuk Tribal Council and Sam the compassionate Pharmacist.  It was a pleasure to meet the remarkable Captain Bobby who transported us by boat back and forth between Bella Bella and Denny Island and built the best biggest brightest camp fire ever!

We had the opportunity to brain storm some fundraising ideas with Trika and Den, the new managers of the ShearWater Resort and Marina and with our angel Jaynce, the manager of the ShearWater Lodge who made our every wish come true!

What a joy to finally meet Aaron in person who has volunteered with BHR for approximately two years.  His first aid skills have been a blessing to injured companions in Bella Bella/Denny Island and we look forward to enhancing his first aid kit so that he is even better equipped to help those in need.  Thank you Aaron for your care and compassion, it shows in all the work you do.

To each and every business, individual and volunteer who made this remarkable event the biggest success yet, an enormous thank you goes out to all of you.  Without you, your dedication, your love,  there would still be deadly diseases such as Parvo and Distemper taking lives in a horrific manner, countless unwanted litters would still be born and roaming dogs would still be present throughout these beautiful communities.

Until next time,

The BHR Team

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