// 2006 Waglisla (Bella Bella) Visit

Big Heart Rescue has now returned from our vaccination clinic in Waglisla (Bella Bella) where our organization treated 51 animals but to our huge surprise almost 50% of these companions where cats!

On the last trip to Bella Bella, BHR only treated two cats so we were very grateful that our vet technician had brought along a flat of cat vaccines just to be safe.

Three critical care animals came down to the lower mainland with us, one 4 month old puppy with a broken rear leg who has now had her surgery and will require months of rehabilitation and rest, one 5 week old puppy very malnourished, parasite infested and suffering from mange and  little Nemo, a shy orange six month old kitten who was paralyzed from the waist down due to being attacked by dogs.

Sadly,  Nemo had massive internal injuries and she was put to rest today. Additionally, four kittens, three of whom were found at a lake and one which was found in a burnt out house and one adult cat suspected of suffering from kidney failure are scheduled to be flown down to the lower mainland next week.

Big Heart Rescue will be contacting the Chief and Council to discuss the importance of a mandatory sterilization by-law for any animal over the age of 5 months.

It was a pleasure to see young children attend our clinic with their dogs and cats and we were happy to have the opportunity to discuss sterilization and general good health tips for companion animals. Children are the future!


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