// Bella Coola 2009 Wellness Clinic

Big Heart Rescue and the World Society For The Protection of Animals held a fantastic Healthy Dog and Cat Clinic in Bella Coola on September 5th and 6th 2009. This was the largest 2 day In-Field Wellness Clinic in BC History!

Over 241 companions were seen during the two day event and had services provided that included vaccinations, full exams, rabies, de-fleaing, parasite control, nail trims, de-matting, ear flushing and minor wound care.

It was wonderful to have such a good turn out and a huge thank you to the volunteers from Bella Coola who did a perfect job assisting with intake! Waverlea lead the intake team and her positive out-going personality ensured that all community members were comfortable and happy while they waited for their turn to see one of the vets.

Bella Coola team members Ellie and Kiff were beyond gracious and lent the BHR team a vehicle so we were able to send out a vet and vet tech to homes where there where multiple animals that needed attention but could not get into the clinic. In addition, this dynamite duo ensured that the team had comfortable accommodations at the Nusatsum Bed and Breakfast, (http://bella-coola.travel.bc.ca/listings/b–b-nusatsum-house/20524/) where wonderful food was provided in a very homey atmosphere!

Nothing was too difficult for Kiff and Ellie and each and every time a request was made, it was fulfilled. A huge thank you to these team members who care so deeply for the companions of this beautiful community.

The trio of vets, Drs. Jim, Renee and Ben along with their side kick vet techs Candice, Kate (tech in training) and Yvonne examined approximately 40 animals per day each! Each animal was treated with compassion and their owners were delighted to see that these stellar medical professionals had only one thing in mind, the health and well-being of their animal. The BHR team was also very blessed to have RJ with us on this adventure! This incredible man is a multi-talented and very dedicated volunteer who assisted with all aspects of the clinic and his very special skill sets were certainly put to use by everyone.

The team leaders also meet with Chief Spencer Siwallace to discuss humane animal welfare, a community supported sterilization by-law and disease transmission that can occur from animals to the children. Further discussion will continue on these subjects and it is hoped that a sterilization by-law will be met with support by the community.

To each and every business, individual and volunteer who contributed to the Vaccination Challenge we send out a heart felt thank you! Without your contributions so many more companions would suffer from deadly diseases such as parvo and distemper. Your donations will assist in eradicating these diseases and through continued humane education, Wellness Clinics, sterilization and partnerships we will continue to work towards a healthier and brighter future for the dogs and cats of Bella Coola.


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