// Our Work With Cats

A letter from the Richmond Animal Protection Society
January 2008

“Working in Harmony”

In the fall of 2005, we received an email from Big Heart Rescue, a group that rescues dogs mainly from small communities north of Vancouver. They had encountered a situation in Bella Bella where a couple of cats had been brought in for pest control.

The cats were unfixed and the population was already getting out of control. No one was caring for the cats, and the dogs in town were not well fed, so they were preying on the cats for food.
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Big Heart asked if we could help by taking in the cats and finding them homes. We said we would do what we could and contacted some other groups. Katie’s Place, CARES, Happy Cat Haven and Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue all agreed to take part. Klemtu recently asked for help as well and seven cats have come down and were taken in by the same shelters.

So far, one hundred and ninety-seven beautiful cats have been flown down on Pacific Coastal Airlines [ thank you ] and all have been placed in loving homes. So much can be accomplished when we work together. Thank you everyone for your help!

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