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Fostering for Big Heart Rescue

Fostering takes time and effort but the rewards are tremendous. Fostering can be an ideal way to enjoy the companionship of a dog while waiting for ” the right one” to come along! We pay the food, veterinary and other expenses; you provide the TLC.

Big Heart will do everything possible to make the right match for both the foster home and the animal that we have rescued.  Agreeing to foster an animal means taking on a big responsibility.  We try to ensure that everyone in your household realizes this.  We interview prospective foster families to ensure they can provide both the required daily care and also give lots of love!  Before placing an animal into your care, we also conduct a house visit and discuss any special needs that the animal may have.

Big Heart Rescue Society pays for medical care, and any other special costs, that an animal may require while in a foster home.

If you’re interested in fostering for Big Heart, please  fill in our on-line application form or contact us at <bigheartrescue@gmail.com>. We appreciate your interest.


Please Note: You must complete the entire application.
Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Big Heart Rescue appreciates your interest in fostering an animal that has been rescued. In an effort to further protect the animals we have been involved in rescuing and sheltering, we take great care to ensure that the foster homes these animals go into will provide them with the proper daily care and lots of love. In addition, animals have other specific needs and we want to make sure their foster home can meet these needs. Making the decision to foster an animal is a big responsibility and we wish to ensure that everyone in your household realizes this. Therefore, we will do everything possible to make the right match for you and the animal.

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Tell Us About You and Your Home

Do you own or rent your home?
(If you rent we will require a copy of the rental agreement stating that dogs are pemitted)

Please describe your home in detail (house, townhouse, apartment, etc)

If renting, do you have landlord's permission to keep a dog?

If you live in a strata complex, are you aware of the strata rules regarding dogs and do you have a copy of the strata agreement?

Would you be willing to allow us to visit your home?

Please describe your yard in detail (fenced, type, height, size of yard, etc

Is your yard securely fenced?

If the yard is not fenced, how do you plan to ensure that the dog gets safe and adequate exercise?

Home Environment Questions

Where will the dog sleep at night?

Where will the dog stay during the day when you are at home?

Where will the dog stay during the day when you are NOT at home?

How many hours per day will the dog be left alone?

Do you plan to use a crate?

Why or why not?

If needed, can you isolate the dog?

If yes, where will you isolate the dog?

Your Pets

Have you ever owned a dog before?

If yes, how many & for how long?

Where did you get your dogs?

What happened, in detail, to your previous dog(s)?

Do you have any other pets at this time?

If yes, what kind, age and sex are they?

Are your current companion animals sterilized?

If you have other animals, what has been your main health and/or behaviour experience?

How do you think your other pets would react to a rescue dog?

Foster Preferences

Are you willing to foster a dog for a short period of time or until the dog is placed?

What type of dogs will you take, or not take? (eg. only males, only females, only older dogs, only medium sized, only long coated, etc)

In an emergency, would you be willing to take a dog that did not fit your criteria?

What medical considerations will you make in taking a rescue dog? (eg. won't take a dog diagnosed with heart worms, etc)

Will you do any training with the foster dog while in your care?

What type of training and how much?

What is your definition of disciplining a dog?

How will you deal with behaviour problems in a rescue? (eg. aggression, urination, etc)

Tough Decisions

Would you be able to handle the emotions resulting from dog needing to be euthanized due to an illness after it was placed with you?


What are your thoughts on having a dog euthanized due to temperament problems?

How would you handle a situation in which a rescue dog bit you or someone else?

Have you emotionally prepared yourself for the sadness that comes when the dog is placed in a permanent home?


Please describe your experiences with obedience classes?


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