// Bella Coola 2010 Wellness Clinic

The World Society For The Protection Of Animals (WSPA) and Big Heart Rescue partnered once again to hold an extremely successful Healthy Dog and Cat Clinic in Bella Coola on May 8th and 9th 2010.

The volunteer team was thrilled to see 220 cats and dogs during the two day event and were thrilled that many of the companions are demonstrating less skin irritations from fleas and mites! What a positive change for these animals in such a short period of time and with continued community support we anticipate that the next few years will see a dramatic drop in other diseases and unwanted litters.

Volunteer Vets Jim, Ken and Ben partnered with vet techs Kate, Candice and Yvonne to provide the clients with vaccinations, de-worming, de-fleaing, minor wound care and other medical services as required. Vet tech assistant RJ was kept running between the three vet stations and was a terrific addition to the medical team.

The intake team of Angela, Waverlea and community members rocked as they organized all the clients and completed the medical records that would be needed for the medical team. A huge thank you to all the BHR community volunteers who so expertly handled the long lines of those waiting to have their special friends looked after!

Once again the BHR medical team headed out into the community to do outreach vetting and to find those animals who could not make it to the clinic. Doing outreach work within the community ensures that all of  those who are  risk from diseases such as Parvo and Distemper are vaccinated thus reducing the chances of transmission.

Members of the team including Josey from WSPA managed to squeeze out time to meet with Chief Siwallace to discuss humane animal welfare in the community and what future goals might be set to accomplish a healthy and happy environment for all, especially for the children who can easily pick-up diseases such as ring worm from untreated dogs and cats.

The Nusatsum Bed and Breakfast catered to all the needs of this diverse team of meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans! The food was incredible, the hospitality beyond special and the flexibility of dinner being served at 10:00 p.m. was a true blessing!

To each and every volunteer, business, client and individual the Big Heart team sends out a sincere thank you!

Without your commitment, dedication and love for the animals,  many more would suffer from diseases that are  preventable.


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