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Great Tait! Adopted


Tait is a fabulous 5 y/o neutered male JRT that lost his previous home due to no fault of his own. 12″ at the shoulder & 20# ( he could stand to lose a # or 2) He is well trained and knows all his commands plus many you would never imagine. So eager to learn, please and make you smile that I really have too many good things to say about this little dog to put in a few paragraphs. Tait would do exceptionally well in a home that could continue to stimulate his mind with training games, dog sports or rally/obedience.  He is not over the top in terms of exercise needs but is ready to go whenever you are. He is just as enthusiastic about a day in jammies snuggled on the couch as he is for a long hike or game of chuck-it.



Tait comes with 2 gears, Chill & JRT Maniac mode, both usually directed by the actions of his companion.  He is excellent in the house, learning house rules quickly and is a lovely little lap companion. This little guy quite enjoys all the comforts of home plus knows his manners.  His temperament is awesome, all people and children seem to be his friend right away and even in play he is quite gentle.






If you are interested in learning more about this special dog please fill out an application at:


Max is ready to meet the world (update: adopted!)

Athletic, active, gentle and smart


Max is a happy boy that’s trusting and friendly to all he’s met.

His new family should be active and prepared to take him out for lots of exercise and playtimes.  Though not mandatory another family dog for company would be awesome.  We know Max is part Husky but the rest could be just about anything. He’s about 18 mo old and a very big boy.  

Max spent his life roaming and struggling for enough food to eat. He’s transitioned easily into life inside and you’d never know he hadn’t lived inside before. In the evenings he settles well in the house, playing with his new toys and being teased by the cat but when left alone for periods of time, he gets anxious.  He will pull things out of closets and re-arrange the room and sometimes chews on interesting things. His foster mom is working with him on changing this behaviour and we anticipate it will be resolved.



If you feel Max should be in your life, please fill in an Adoption Application

Note: We adopt to residents living within a two hour driving distance of the Lower Mainland and Southern Vancouver Island. We cannot accept applications outside of Canada

This beautiful boy is Max (update: adopted!)

He’s in foster care learning about big city living and will be up for adoption soon.  He’s about 1.5 years old and good with kids, dogs and cats.
….more about him next week.

Leo – Adopted


Update: Congratulations to Josh and Lori on their successful adoption of Leo the magnificent Maremma! We know that Leo will be loved forever and will only know kindness and safety with you as he begins his new life.

Leo the Magnificent Maremma is looking for his new family. He is approximately 5 years of age, is neutered and up to date with vaccinations. This large, healthy boy requires a calm and loving environment with someone home the majority of the day who is willing to help build his confidence through positive reinforcement training and support.

Below is a note from Leo’s foster Mom.

Leo is a healthy, beautiful, sweet, gentle boy who had a rough start in life which has caused him to have a fearful nature around humans. In most respects he acts normally playing with his dog friends and watching over the property, however when a person enters the situation, he becomes fearful and will bark and keep a safe distance away. Leo always comes running when called and sincerely wants to come all the way up to you but something he learned at a very young age clicks in and he will stop about 5-10 feet away. I do think eventually he will come right up to his person but he will never be a dog that trusts everybody.

He is a very well mannered, respectful boy who is house-trained and very quiet in the house. He likes to seek his dog bed and stay there. He is great on a leash and rarely pulls. While he is still fearful of strangers, he knows that on-leash he can’t run away so will allow a respectful human to pet him but will not accept treats.

The best home for Leo would be with people who are patient, assertive and dog savvy. He needs his people to be the leaders but also to be calm and quiet. A home with children would be too much commotion for this boy. Leo is of medium energy so would enjoy activities like long daily walks and hiking.

Leo will require a fenced property for his safety but appears to be a homebody and has never challenged the fenced area (no jumping or digging). Because he will bark loudly at all people around his property and the fact he loves to roam his property (Maremma’s are livestock guardian dogs) a home with a large, fenced, rural property would be best. Also, although I have never witnessed it because my dogs are very confident, Leo can get bossy with dogs that are submissive to him (will nip/bite if they do not heed his commands i.e. he will block them and not allow them to move and will bite if they do move).

Leo has been very respectful around my horses and likely would be the same with all livestock. He is likely OK with cats too although my cat won’t get near enough to dogs to check him out.

What’s With All The Questions?

Why do rescue organizations like Big Heart ask so many questions of potential adopters? For some answers, check out“Those darn dog rescues with all of their rules and questions – what gives?”  by Penny Elms for Examiner.com .

To make a long story short, we’ll quote directly from the article: “Rescue organizations find some phenomenal homes – amazing people are out there. That being said, so many of the dogs in rescue are amazing too. They are worth the time and effort and they deserve the exceptional home. They deserve a home that will keep them until the end of their days.”

Click here to read the article – it’s well worth it.  To submit an adoption application for an animal from Big Heart Rescue, please click here.

Bear – Adopted

Bear – adopted!

Update: November 30, 2010 – BHR is happy to announce that Bear has finally found his new Mom !

He begins his new life in a few short days and will be waiting for Santa with his adoring Mom by his side.

A huge thank you to everyone who supported Bear through his rehab and recovery and a heart filled thank you to Bear’s foster Mom who guided him through so much and loves him enough to allow him to start a new life filled with happiness.

Merry Christmas Bear, Santa has given you the best gift of all!

Male, 6 – 8 yrs, large

Bear went through dramatic surgery to repair a hole in his diaphragm and move his organs back to their right place. He has been cleared by his specialists at Canada West and we are THRILLED to announce he is ready for adoption.

Bear is a Newfoundland boy who is approximately 6 to 8 years of age and is fostered with other dogs and cats, both of whom he gets along with.

This handsome, easy going boy is now comfortable living inside and is looking for a relaxed family home where he can live out the rest of his life in comfort and joy.

Bear dreams of a family who is home most of the time, would enjoy cuddling on the couch and going for walks.

He is up to date with vaccinations, is neutered, microchipped, de-flea-ed and de-wormed.


Male, 6 years, medium-small size.

UPDATE: November 22-Bentley has been adopted!

Bentley is thought to be a Schnauzer cross who is approximately 6 years of age and weighs around 25 pounds. He has been sterilized, vaccinated, tattooed and microchipped.
Bentley was attacked by a pack of dogs in his home community and was rushed to Big Heart Rescue so that he could have a chance to recover and find a new family. Bentley spent weeks at the vet hospital recovering from dozens of bite wounds and has now made a full physical recovery but his emotional well being has not recovered as well.
Bentley is working with a wonderful trainer to help him over-come his concern around some dogs and his trainer has clearly outlined what Bentley will need in a foster or adoptive home:

* Someone who is willing to set up fair and reasonable boundaries and rules and to enforce them appropriately. Bentley has had so much time doing his own thing that he needs to learn to live with people and respect them again. He is a bit independent at this point.

* Someone who is willing to train him and work with him in a positive manner so that he WANTS to do as he is asked. Trying to force Bentley to do anything will cause conflict and make him want to be MORE independent.

* Someone who will treat him like a dog and not a baby – he does not need to be overly spoiled or coddled as he is too confident in himself already. He needs to have the same life as a bigger dog would.

* If he goes to a home with other dogs they need to be gentle understanding dogs who will put up with his learning process. The dogs he lives with must not be prone to fighting and must be able to ignore his taunting should he try to antagonize them.

* Someone who is willing to be patient with him as his relaxation process in a new home will take some time. Once he is in a stable home for a month or more he will learn to relax

If you are home most of the day, will continue to work with training and feel that you can help Bentley become part of your committed, happy and loving family please contact Big Heart Rescue.

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