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An Update from Anna’s New Family

Big Heart was delighted to hear from Anna’s new family recently. Here’s Anna relaxing with her new friend Abby and here’s an update from Anna’s new person:

“Anna is such a wonderful, sweet girl! And her calm gentle demeanor is the perfect complement to Abby’s energy. The day I brought Anna home we were met at the top of the stairs with snarls from Abby and Abby  sure that Anna did not go anywhere near her “things”. Anna just ignored Abby and stayed out of her way, but she did not take on the submissive role or seem afraid of Abby. They did fine together on walks with Anna just sticking close and Abby making sure she was in the lead. The next day I had to go out and Anna scratched at the door behind me as I left and Abby stood up in the window to look at me as if to say: “What?! You’re leaving her here?!” I got home early not sure what I would come home to, but everything was fine. Within 2 days Abby was following Anna around the house whining at her in the hopes that she would play. Anna wasn’t keen to play, but was happy to now have access to some of Abby’s “things”. By the end of the week Abby and Anna were playing: the odd game of tug o war and some fun chasing and wrestling. Anna does not play as much as Abby would like, but at least once a day they have a noisy tussle – usually in the evening while I am trying to watch TV. Good thing for Netflix, I just hit pause and wait for the ruckus to be over.J If I am working at the computer I am usually bookended by two sleeping dogs and it is wonderful to look down on either side of my chair and see my girls.

Anna has a nice comfy bed beside mine and that’s where she spends her nights. Abby has always preferred to sleep in the living room, so it is a good arrangement. And what a welcoming committee I have when I get home! I can barely make it in the door and I am bombarded by 2 very affectionate, wiggly, happy girls.

Abby is the beautiful one and people always stop to comment, but Anna has the sweetest face with gentle, soulful eyes   and you can tell she is an angel just by looking at her. I am so happy to have Anna in the family and that Abby has a friend and companion.” 

We wish Anna and her person a long, happy and healthy future together!

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